BBC Podcast: Costing the Earth - The Power of Nature Writing [11 Apr 2023]
  Can writing about nature help to protect it?
  Charlotte Smith discusses this with three authors: Helen Macdonald, Paul Evans and Kerri Andrews.


   BBC Podcast: Costing the Earth - A Greener Government? [29 Nov 2022]
  Months of governmental chaos have seen contradictory policies on the environment come and go.
  Tom Heap asks where the Conservative Party now stands on the environment.



   BBC Podcast: Costing the Earth - The Lost World of Ice. [25 Oct 2022]
   Jheni Osman visits the Swiss Alps, to see how much the glaciers are retreating.
   A dry winter, followed by this summer's heatwave, has resulted in a disastrous year for ice loss.


   The Democratization of Energy: Understanding power bills, energy regulation, & the shift to decentralized clean energy with Seth Mansur      
   by  | Jan 8, 2022
In this episode of 'A Sustainable Mind', Marjorie and Seth discuss: